Monday, July 9, 2007

Question for You

Exactly how many times exactly does a woman have to be reminded that it rains every day in London and using the clothesline is a silly, silly proposition? You'd think I'd learn, but every day I'm making a mad dash out the back door to yank the dry (but yet to be rescued) clothes off the line as the rain keeps pounding down, down, down. How many times, I ask you?


Anonymous said...

Can't you enlist the fox family to help somehow in this situation since they are out there in the garden anyway? :)

BTW...We saw two young fawns in our back yard this morning. They were about the same size as Charlie, but not nearly as furry. They looked like twins.

I'm quite thankful for God's creatures..... and my clothes dryer!!

beth said...

We are slow to learn sometimes, aren't we?

Kimmie said...

Oh but rainwater makes them soft, soft and wet a lovely combination, eh??


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