Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great Reading Quote

This one came from "The Book Whisperer" by Donalyn Miller... "If we want our students to read and enjoy it for the rest of their lives, then we must show them what a reading life looks like."

I like the idea of being a reading role model for my children. Here is a self-reflection activity that is also in the book for the teacher (in my case, mom) to evaluate their own reading life.

What were your reading experiences as a child?

Were these positive or negative experiences for you?

Do you see yourself as a reader now?

How do you share your reading experiences - both current experiences and those from the past - with your students?

Who have been your role models for reading?

List the last five books you have read.

How long did it take for you to read these books?

Which books were read for a job or for a school-related purpose?

Which books were read for pleasure.

I take great delight in talking about books with my nearly 8 year old son. I hope to have the same experiences with my girls as they become fluent readers. Today, at Barnes and Noble, we perused the new Magic Tree House book, a book about Shakespeare, a new series about a mouse named Hamlet. We also grabbed two sheets for the Barnes and Noble summer reading challenge.

What are you reading this summer?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gospel As Explained by a Four-Year-Old With a Little Loaves and Fishes Thrown In

Jesus died on the cross. So, He died on a cross for our sins. The sun was dead. Jesus died on a cross. And then Jesus wanted to have some candy but He couldn't make the candy. He couldn't make anything because He was gone on the cross. Don't worry. He's gonna get alive, mommy. And then He got alive and He can make the candy and corn and the weeds. He maked everything for us. He wanted to die on the cross. No wonder He wanted to die on the cross. We are his children. He is bigger than us. No wonder we call him 'Jesus who died on a cross!' He is so big! He can reach the Bible study and He can reach everything. The only thing that He couldn't reach was the sun because the sun was hiding in the clouds. And then Jesus saw the sun and He knew where the sun was. But there was storms and rain and He carried the cross but He was alive. But He didn't have a middle name. What's His middle name mommy? And off He goed to his journey but first He said to all his children and He said "Come, I will save you. I died on a cross." And He got home to His journey home and then they saw that He was alive. Children and people were happy. But they needed food. A little boy passed by. "Hi, I am Joseph. I come. I am a little small boy. Do you want fish and bread." Jesus said, "I have lots of people here. How can I do that with not lots of food and lots of fish and lots of bread." The little boy said, "Well, you can break it in half of course." "Oh ,yes, I will break it in half," said Jesus.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Right Now

fifteen year old dacshcund is lying beside me snoring.

sun is out...finally.

my girls are creating with paint. and they are getting along. i picture their future lives as friends and smile.

my son and my man are playing chess. pieces clink against the board, as son asks father, "what can I do?" i just heard son say, "you've got an impossible situation. you're losing your queen also!"

classical music is playing through the t.v.

finding joy in the ordinary. waiting on God to provide the extraordinary.