Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great Reading Quote

This one came from "The Book Whisperer" by Donalyn Miller... "If we want our students to read and enjoy it for the rest of their lives, then we must show them what a reading life looks like."

I like the idea of being a reading role model for my children. Here is a self-reflection activity that is also in the book for the teacher (in my case, mom) to evaluate their own reading life.

What were your reading experiences as a child?

Were these positive or negative experiences for you?

Do you see yourself as a reader now?

How do you share your reading experiences - both current experiences and those from the past - with your students?

Who have been your role models for reading?

List the last five books you have read.

How long did it take for you to read these books?

Which books were read for a job or for a school-related purpose?

Which books were read for pleasure.

I take great delight in talking about books with my nearly 8 year old son. I hope to have the same experiences with my girls as they become fluent readers. Today, at Barnes and Noble, we perused the new Magic Tree House book, a book about Shakespeare, a new series about a mouse named Hamlet. We also grabbed two sheets for the Barnes and Noble summer reading challenge.

What are you reading this summer?


Tracy said...

So good to see you had written-I am sorry I have been out-of-touch.

We chose the library program this summer. The girls enjoy their "progress" paper and a personal record of their summer reading.
I have been re-reading some of Ruby Payne's work--trying to gain a helpful perspective. DH and I are reading a book together again, which I love.
Stay cool and dry :-)

Stacy said...

Hi Joni!
I just finished reading a couple of Kate Morton books-- have you read her? The first one I read was called House of Riverton and after that I read her book The Forgotten Garden. I thoroughly enjoy her writing!