Friday, July 20, 2007

I Am Jane Jetson

**Although this may sound like an advert for Skype, it's not. I simply want to inform others of the wonderful blessing it's been to us being so far from home.

If you haven't heard of Skype yet, I'm here to tell's awesome. Skype has saved us hundreds of pounds on phone bills, I'm quite sure. Skype is a free downloadable program that allows you to communicate with others who have also downloaded the program through audio and/or video. Through Skype, I get to see my Mom every single day all on my computer --very Jetson, I know!

Nearly every day, my mom Skypes me before going to work. This has been a God-send, as my children had never been far from home, unless you count 10 day trips to Disney world. And, for that matter, I had never been too far from home either. So, not seeing Grammy for months would have been a really, really bad deal for us. Just seeing my mom nearly every day has gotten me through some very rough patches here. And it's allowed my mom, Queen of the Grammies, to stay in close communication with her beloved grandchildren. Each day, the children can see and talk to Grammy. They can also show her their latest art masterpieces or their favorite postcard from a recent destination. Or like this morning, they can show her all their new boo-boos and new pink nail polish.

To get Skype, you just need to download the free program. If you just want to talk to people without seeing them, you are all set to do so after you download the program. You just sit at your computer and talk just as if you were talking on the phone, but you don't have to hold a handset which is really nice for busy mommies who often have to rescue people, or break up arguments, or get two-year-olds out of things they are not supposed to be into, all while they are chatting. Ah yes, the beauty of a multi-tasking mommy! But, I digress. Now, if you want to see those you are conversing with, you (and they) need to buy a little web-cam to pop onto the top of the computer. Install it and voila! You are officially George or Jane Jetson!

Some of the people who would definitely benefit from Skype are military families, expatriate families, missionary families or others that are away from family and friends, either internationally or not. So, what are you waiting for? If there is anyone in your life that you'd love to talk to more frequently, but cost is a hinderance to that, head on over to Skype to remedy that situation. And that is why I am Jane Jetson!

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