Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Note to Self: Put Some Logic Into Next Year's Curriculum

On the way to the store, I asked my middle daughter, who is 4, to stop running so far ahead of me. I once again informed her that it was dangerous to get too far ahead of mommy by running so fast. "You need to come back here and hold the buggy please and stay right by mommy, now." Now, understand, please that I was behind the child --walking. Still, she replied, "But mom, I can't go that fast!"

What?! So, said child can run quickly in front of mommy, but can't walk beside her because mommy is too fast?! On second thought, after figuring out how to communicate this story, dear readers, I think I might need the logic curriculum myself!


Annette said...

Hey, I understood what you were communicating completely, so do I need the logic course, too? Loved it and love you!


Stacy said...

Slow. She meant slow. You were going too slow! :)