Friday, July 13, 2007

A Gastronomical Revelation

We have very, very deep conversations at lunch. Want proof?

DD4: "Mom, why aren't you having yogurt?"

Me: "Because I don't care for yogurt."

DD4: "But kids care for yogurt, right? And grown ups don't care for yogurt. And I care for yogurt and cheese and crackers and I even care for crust now!"

I'm so excited. If this is true, there might just be one meal that we get through that at least one of my sweet darlings does not remind me about their distaste for the loathesome crust.

One can only hope.


Cindy said...

Even though that child is one of my favorite kids in the universe and even though her quotes are one of my favorite things to hear or read, that title was my favorite part of this post. :)
PLEASE bring her back?

Kimmie said...

made me laugh and then wonder- why don't you care for yoghurt (is that how the British spell it?) I remember it to be very rich and yummy on your side of the pond. Maybe you should give it a go... and grab a handful of crust while you are at might just rock your world Joni!


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