Thursday, July 26, 2007

F.B. Meyer on Bible Study

"The Divine Teacher must have fixed and uninterrupted hours for meeting with His scholars. His Word must have our freshest and brightest thoughts. We must give Him our best, the first fruits of our days. Hence, there is no time for Bible study like the early morning, for we cannot give such undivided attention to the holy thoughts that glisten like diamonds on its pages after we have opened our letters, glanced through the paper, and joined in the prattle of the breakfast table. The manna had to be gathered before the dew was off and the sun was up; otherwise it melted."

Or the bolded words re-worded for this Bible-lovin' 2007-livin' girl:

"...after we have read all our email, read all our favorite blogs in our bloglines list, and made an attempt to put together a healthy breakfast for ourselves and our children..."

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