Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nearing the End

We're nearing the end of our time here in London. Our time here has been shorter than we originally thought, but not by much --a few months really. As we near the end, I'm reflecting on what I've learned throughout our time here. Although I know it will take time to know and understand all that God has shown and taught me here, there are certain things that God has begun to show me that I already somewhat understand. I'm working on a series of posts about these learnings. Stay tuned. I'm hoping to post the first one today.


beth said...

I know that God has a plan for you in your time there and I am so glad for that, but seeing the words "nearing the end" made me smile. I can't wait to give you a big, real life hug!

Annette said...

I know that God has done so much in you during your time there. I, however, can't wait until you get back to the good ol' USA!

Cindy said...

While this entire time (before you left, even) I've been excited to hear about what you see and experience, I knew the greater things I was looking forward to hearing about would be what God was going to do in your heart and mind, and how it impacted your family relationships. I believe that was the longest run on sentence known to mankind. I can't wait to read what you're going to share.

Stacy said...

I'm with Cindy. That's what I was going to say! I, too... have been looking forward to hearing about what God is doing in you through this; what you have learned and how you have grown!
Can't wait for the posts!