Thursday, July 26, 2007

Missin' My Girl

Okay, so if you're not a dog person (Cindy and Jen!), then you definitely won't get this post. But I was overwhelmed with joy to see this photo of my sweet Mitzie-Dog this afternoon. We have some wonderful friends living in our house while we're away. They are amazingly also taking care of our 13 year old epileptic, loose-bladdered, stinky and yet adorable weiner dog. Oh, we miss her so! Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder. We seem to have a way of forgetting all the annoyances and looking back with fondness of her warm body sleeping under the covers and the way she runs to the door when we get home. She is definitely someone we're looking forward to getting home to!


Kimmie said...

Your baby is too cute...I'm sure she misses you too!

...with 110 lb. supersized Golden Retriever that we rescued from the Humane society last he's 2.

*funny dog story

My two oldest are on a mission trip, so now I am doing their jobs while they are away. I was putting away laundry in my youngest threes dressers- and my huge dog Hunter, is sitting behind me and chewing and chewing. He is always chewing something he is not supposed to, so I stick my hand in his huge mouth (picture a lion tamer with a lion ;-) and try to "remove" what he is presently chewing on. Twice my hand gets dog slobbered, with still no retrieval of what I imagine to be a girls elastic hair band. (our rescued cat also eats these, must taste like steak?) Well I go back to trying to figure whose underwear these hear Hunter chewing again (I kept convincing myself he swallowed it when I came up empty handed). Well the third time was the charm...I retrieved a wad of green chewing gum from his cavernous mouth. To which he was so disappointed, as he was just getting into the "chewing" gum thing. sigh...God must have a sense of humor! (2 days ago he was eating raspberries of our bushes, only the ripe ones mind you! ;-)

Cindy said...

Yup. Don't get it.