Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why It Seems the Europeans Have a Different Sense of Style

Saturday, while coming back from the Portobello Road Market (a much needed time gift from my husband. Bless him!), I sat with a girl in the tube that was dressed like this:

black ankle-length boots
pink socks
black and grey lace-look (but not really lace) leggings
kelly green mini dress with little white stars all over it
an orange hoodie
a red flower print Cath Kidston purse

And here's the thing, she's not atypical. Many, many people here dress with little to no concern about matching. Perhaps "matching" is an American value. You want to know something else? I'm starting to like it. So much less restraining! Seriously.

Oh, and one more thing, can I just say, Cath Kidston rocks. Why can't I do such cool things with vintage fabrics?

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