Friday, June 22, 2007

Ever Felt Dumber Than a Five Year Old?

While playing chess with my oldest, he instructed me, "No, mommy! You can't jump other pieces. That's checkers."

And this one, "Why don't I put this one here and then you can capture my pawn? Okay, mommy? Do you wanna do that?"

Lastly, "The bishops are the only ones that can move that way mommy. This is a bishop."

Ugh. This newfound chess obsession is waaaaaaay out of my league. Thank goodness for smart daddies who also like chess. And understand it.


Cindy said...

I think that chess book was internet-linked. Maybe that would help you. ;)

beth said...

I'd like to learn chess so I can teach it to Z. Maybe you can teach me when you get back. Let me know if you come across any great resources for mommies who aren't too bright (like me!).