Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Not So Tasty As She Thought It Would Be

After supper, the two year old came in the kitchen from the dining room. Here was the noise she was making, "Phle! Phle! Phle!" I noticed some strange looking black specks on her chin along with a lovely mixture of saliva. What in the world had she gotten into? I headed into the dining room to check things out. She went straight to the pepper shaker.

"I doan yike it, Mommy! It's yucky! Phle!"

And then I realized that while I was doing the dishes, the girl had poured pepper in her mouth. Must not have been the delicious treat that she thought it would be. What'cha gonna do with a two year old?!

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beth said...

I'm laughing out loud because just today C begged me to let him taste the vinegar water I was using to clean. I kept trying to convince him it was yucky and even Z tried telling him it was no good, but he insisted. So what was I to do? I gave him a very teeny-tiny taste and he said "I need more". Next time I gave him a much bigger taste and he made the craziest face. He was grimacing and sticking out his tongue and trying to wipe it off his tongue and saying almost the same thing "It's yucky, Mommy. I don't want eeeny more. Why you give me dat to taste?" I was thinking, "Um, you were the one who begged for it!" Too funny. Must be something about 2 year olds! I can't wait to hug that sweet little 2 year old of yours and see our sweet little ones together again.

By the way, I love your new blog makeover...that picture of the kiddos is precious. They look SO BIG! Don't let them grow too much more before they get home.