Monday, June 4, 2007

How Weird Is It When...'ve been living someplace for so long that you start saying the words they use and forget the ones you use? Recently, when trying to expain how to get somewhere to one of our guests, I simply could not think of the American word for the English word "diversion". I kept trying to think of it. "You know, oh what would we call it at home? You know, a diversion. No, that's the English word for it." Then hubby chimes in, as our bewildered guest tries to figure it out, "Detour, Jo. That's how we say it in America!"

Here are some more little words that might confuse an American visiting London:

A plaster is a band-aid.
An ice lolly is a popsicle.
A till is a checkout stand.
Give way means yield.
A dummy is a pacifier.
A nappy is a diaper.
A serviette is a napkin.
Pants are underwear.
Trousers are pants.
A biscut is a cookie.
Chips are fries.
Crisps are chips.
A jacket is a baked potato.
Post is mail.
A parcel is a package.
Donkey's years is a long time.
And a diversion is a detour.

Right. Got it. I'd better get home soon before I lose all of my American terms!

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