Saturday, June 9, 2007

Can You Stand Yet Another Kid Quote?!

You know your children have been in London for a while when it starts affecting their play dialogue. Hubby and I awoke this morning to hear DD5 saying these words while playing trains with his sister:

"Next stop --Bank (or as he pronouced it 'Bahnk'). Please mind the gap between the train and the platform. Change here for the Northern, Waterloo and City, Circle, and District Lines, and for the DLR. Alight for the London Eye." All words were said with quite a convincing English accent, I might add.

The boy loves the Underground! Loves it. Last week, with our visitors here, I left him in the city with our four guests and they actually trusted the five year old to get them home, because he loves the underground so much and reads the map so well. You want to know the hilarious part? That kid could actually get them home if he needed to! Today, the movie he rented at Blockbuster was "Underground Ernie" and the kids magazine he chose at the grocery store was "Underground Ernie". He even has a favorite line -- Circle (because yellow is his favorite color, of course!)

Well, that's all about my little "tuber"!

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Anonymous said...

Joni--Hi from Tracy back in B-town. I am so jealous of your Blog-Marc keeps telling me that I should start, along with thinking up a "name" for our home school, establishing a web site for the "school," and publishing curriculum... My email is my first and last name @ (no caps) if you want to catch up :-) We miss you here and are talking about rounding up the old play group this summer-2007. God Bless!