Friday, June 8, 2007

Trying Hard Not to be Offended

My sweet middle dd, the artist in the family, came to me after lunch today with a picture she'd drawn of some royal ladies.

"This is Princess (little sister). This is princess (herself). And this is Queen Mommy."

I stared aghast at the horrid looking woman in the photo with a, shall we say, deeply furrowed brow. The woman looked like the evil step-mother in all of the Cinderella movies. (Much to my villain-lovin' boy's delight, I might add!)

"That's your bangs. I'm sorry you look like a bad guy. Is dat okay, Mommy?"

I relplied sweetly, "Sure honey." She is a beginning artist after all. They do make mistakes.

"And you're yellin' at us."

Ahem. Just the portrayal that my perfectionistic-self imagined in her idealistic mind when she decided to be SuperMommy about 6 years ago!

Yes, it's true that children make us humble. Oh, boy do they ever.


Cindy said...

I BUSTED out laughing. She is a hoot! Where on earth does she get that?!

Stacy said...

That is hilarious!

Might I add that I, too am trying not to be offended? That my blog is not on your links list? *Sob*. I'm TOTALLY kidding. Please don't feel like you have to add me.

Love you!