Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Simple Way We

One day recently as he was looking for his Bible, my 4 year old son commented that he "hadn't spent any time with God yet today". I was moved, to say the least. In the day-to-day, I wonder if anything I say or do is getting through to my children. In fact, if you've read recent posts, you know I wonder if only the bad examples are what they pick up on. That's why I was so encouraged by his personal desire to spend time with God.

So this started a new thing with him and his sister. Everyday, of their own choosing, they each get their own Bibles. Then they go to a quiet spot to sit. They find a story that they want to read. They look at the story for a while.

Then, I come and read it to them. Then (also wanting to copy mommy, I guess), they asked for a journal as well. So after reading their stories, they draw about the story. It's interesting to see what they draw.

Lastly, I dictate their story into their journal. I know these will be priceless someday. Actually they already are. I wish I could believe as easily as them that Jesus loves me and is with me and protects me.

Here's DS's recent dictation of Psalm 23:

"David was a shepherd. There was sheep and grass and David. Jesus loves me. David wasn't scared because Jesus was with him. David protected the sheep."

You know what I love the most about this? It was all child-initiated. I look back on all of the times that I tried to plan the perfect Bible time, and I'm kind of astounded at the simplicity of this. There's no planning involved on my part. But also, I'm moved by their simple desire to spend time with the Lord, by how personally they are seeking Him. Not saying that I do not value planning or will not do it in the future, but for right now, this is what's working!

And they're teaching me. As usual, my children are teaching me.

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