Friday, April 21, 2006

Loud Birds

The bird was going crazy in a bush chirping away, over and over again, as I walked into my usual writing and getaway place. "That bird is loud," I thought to myself as I walked by. Then, I noticed another woman that was walking by the same bush, the same loud bird. She seemingly took no notice. What was she thinking about? How could she not hear that shrieking?

How many times am I like that I wonder? How often do I miss the still small voice, or even the loud chirping of one of God's creation trying to get my attention? I'm so often in my own little world of busyness, activity, getting to the next thing. How often do I go about my tasks, routines, and daily duties without even thinking about spiritual matters or God at all?

I read about Brother Lawrence glorifying God as he did the dishes, and I'm humbled. Usually, my most routine tasks bother me the most. The dishes, laundry, diapers. The tasks that are done, only to be needing to be done again. And again. And again.

God, wake me up to your presence in the mundane. Chirp loudly. My awareness is dim.

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