Thursday, April 13, 2006

To Tell the Truth

My son is quite the logical type and those who are not so much like him...well, downright confuse him! Like today when his sweet sister, who lives in her own happy little world sometimes, looked at him at 10:30 in the morning and said we had already taken a nap today. She said this knowing that our sitter, Wendy, was coming over after nap. Basically, she said this because she wanted it to be true. She wanted Wendy to come over now!

So my logical son looked at me with these wide eyes of surprise, wondering what my reaction would be to this obvious and untrue silliness. He grinned from ear to ear and then shook his head "no" at me, as if he needed me to confirm that indeed we hadn't already taken a nap.

Reminds me of something I heard recently at a satellite seminar sponsored by our church. The seminar was on spiritual seekers. The speaker, Mark Mittelberg, said this, "No matter whether you believe the truth or not, that doesn't make it any less true. Truth doesn't change because of what we think or feel." He encouraged us in our conversations with seekers to speak this truth to them, to encourage them to think hard on what truth really is, and whether it is relative at all.

I guess we're all wanting what we want to believe to be true, grown ups and children alike. We need to remember that in Jesus Christ we find complete and utter truth. It says in scripture that there was no guile in him (1 Peter 2:22). We can trust that His Word is truth.

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