Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday at Bible Study

We have a rather large Bible study at our church that meets on Friday mornings called Roof-Crashers (based on the story of the paralytic in Luke 5). The group is mostly made up of young moms, but all are welcome. Today being Good Friday, the worship team planned a very special and meaningful time together. We were greeted with rose petals under our feet as we entered the room and a violinist playing various hymns.

Once inside, a communion table was set up and above it my friend, Sandee, who is a quilt artist extrodinaire, had a quilt hanging entitled "Gethsemene". The quilt beautifully and symbolically represented Jesus' time in the garden. Beside the table was a large wooden cross, not standing, but laying on it's side, along with strips of linen cloth and a folded-up piece of linen as well.

All of us ladies were invited to partake of communion as we felt led, as the music continued to play and various scriptures were displayed on a screen above the quilt and communion table pertaining to the suffering of Christ, His atonement for our sin, and our new found freedom in His love. Many ladies knelt at the cross to partake of their communion, while others quietly went back to their seats to reflect and partake.

A traditional Jewish story was told about carpentry work and the handkerchief the carpenter would use, all day long wiping his brow as he worked. When the day was finished, the carpenter would fold up his handkerchief, and lay it atop his work to symbolize, "It is finished." The ladies were then reminded of the scripture from John 20:6-7 where Peter and John find the grave empty and the Jesus' head covering folded up seperate from his grave clothes. This would have symbolized a lot to the Jewish people. From the story above, they would have understood it to mean, of course, "It is finished".

We also sung, "The Wonderful Cross" with acoustic guitar accompaniment and an extraordinary video called, "Friday, but Sunday's a Comin'" was shown, which of course reminded us all that even though Good Friday was the darkest day in history, Sunday's coming!

All in all, we had such a meaningful time of reflection on this Good Friday. Thank you, Jesus, for taking my shame on the cross. I am forever your servant.

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