Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Wisdom of Childhood

"You'll teach me of hearts and dreams

And all the most important things

And all that I have lost along the way

And I can't wait."

These words from a Sara Groves song echo my very own feelings about all my children, but especially DD3. I am ever amazed at that child's wonder, her natural curiosity. I find myself wanting to study her, wanting to reach back to that time in my life and really remember when I was so innocent, so curious, so pure. I long to go back to a time when dandelions were beautiful flowers and worms seemed like scary snakes. When I noticed the beauty in a sunset and took the time to thank God for roses.

In these ways and so many more she does remind me of all that I have "lost along the way". I'm humbled by the wisdom of her childhood. The kind of wisdom that says slow down, notice, enjoy, dance, laugh, play, get dirty.

My eyes well up with tears as I think about her losing that innocence, that childhood wisdom. I pray that somehow, God always keeps a little piece of it deep down inside her soul. And inside mine.

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