Monday, April 10, 2006

Finally -- Warm Weather and SUN!

Yesterday, we got to enjoy some time outside, as the weather is finally cooperating. While it wasn't so warm yesterday, the sun was out, so that made it possible to enjoy being outside.

I love getting my children outside. Since the play area has been destroyed by the storm, we weren't able to play out back much, although Dad did have the kids practice putting! But we were able to go up front and enjoy watching the children ride the Little Tykes car and tricycle. We also got in some much needed yard work. The hostas, lillies and geraniums are coming up! Since this is our first spring with trees, we were delighted to see them beginning to bud, and in some cases, flower.

I took the opportunity to show the kids our redbud, as it is just beginning to bud. I explained to them that in a few short weeks, it would have purple blooms. DD3, my nature lover and flower-crazed child, was ecstatic.

It's so cool to see your child's natural curiosity. I long to keep encouraging that. DD3 wonders at everything. I often hear from the back seat of the car, "MOMMY, I JUST SAW A BIRRRRDDDEEEE!" She's also the child that wanders downstairs sleepily in the morning, inquiring if I've noticed the beautiful sunrise this morning "that God made". And, often when she reacts this way to creation, the scripture comes to mind that says, "From the lips of children and infants, you have ordained praise" (Ps. 8:2).

Keep wondering my child, keep wondering.

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