Saturday, March 10, 2007


Hubby and I were flipping through the telly last night and saw that my favorite show is on here! That's right...we found American Idol! I couldn't believe it. And the cool thing is that it's on all in one night. So, last night we saw the guys, girls, and the results show. Well, actually, we didn't see the guys show, because we missed that part, but we could have if we'd known it was on.

And on an American Idol note, what in the world are people thinking?!? Haley over Sabrina?!? Sanjaya over Sundance?!? Come on people! Like Randy and Paula said last night, this is a singing competition! I can't decide yet who I want to win...either Lakisha or Melinda. Both seem very down to earth and humble. And both can sing their hearts out.

American Idol on Friday that's some major excitement from this side of the pond.

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