Monday, March 12, 2007

The Incredible, Shrinking Apartment

Today was an interesting day. This is the first day that hubby went to work. The four of us were all alone in our little bitty apartment. And, boy, did it feel small today! I'm not brave enough just yet to use public transportation with all three by myself, so we're pretty much inside or walking down to our favorite new store, Woolworth's or perhaps frequenting a really healthy restaurant we found in London. Maybe you've heard of it? McDonalds? I must admit that the television has been on much too much today and we've eaten lots of McDonald's and I bribed my kids in Woolworth's with candy. I really broke all the responsible mom rules today, didn't I? On a funny note, my son loves watching the telly here because all his favorite US programs are dubbed over with little English accents.

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