Friday, March 16, 2007

A Day at the Park

The three kiddos and I ventured out to the park today --Hyde Park that is. It's about a fifteen or twenty minute walk. It's a nice, sunny day and is probably around 55 degrees. We found a Subway on our way (right across from Paddington Station) and grabbed some sandwiches, then we headed off to the park. We had a picnic under a tree, then went to play on a preschool-sized playground. The playground was perfect, because it was small in size and easy to see everyone, and had lots of little things that even the two year old could enjoy. Whereas the Princess Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Park is fabulous, but also very large, with several different areas, and lots of bigger equipment. For mommy-minus-daddy, who was resposible for everyone, it was easier and much safer to be on this small playground.

After the playground, we went to the fountains and the Serpentine and saw the water birds again, and lots of pigeons, which dd4 is fascinated by. I think she'd take some home for pets if she could! She's constantly chasing them around and saying, "Here, birdy! Here, birdy!" We saw some lovely swans in the fountains and on the serpentine.

We then walked home, which after all that playing, caused a little complaining, because the kids were tired and it is quite a long walk for little people, I'm sure. So, we played a little game that I made up called, "Can you make it to _____?", because my daughter said she could definitely not make it all the way home because those knees of hers were tired again. So I said, "Well, can you make it to the hanging flower basket there?" "Yes!" she said. And then we just kept on with the next little landmark we saw until we got all the way home. My son did have trouble spotting the post box because it was red and round and not blue and square like he was used to.

All in all, a "brilliant" day, as they like to say around here!

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