Saturday, March 17, 2007

Some Fun Little English Children's Programs We've Been Watching

Here are some of the children's shows we've been enjoying in England. (And yes, we've definitely been watching more t.v. than usual. I'm trying to give myself permission with that and not feel guilty!):

Peppa Pig (cute little pig character with a baby brother, a mum, and a dad)

Underground Ernie (about an London Underground worker and his talking trains)

Postman Pat (about a Royal Mail carrier)

Fireman Sam (about a fireman and his helpful adventures)

Numberjacks (a math show -- very educational and fun)

Nina and the Neurons (a scientist who does one little experiement per day with some kids)

All of the above, with the exception of Peppa, are on the BBC or CBeebies, their preschool station. Another thing we're enjoying are reruns of some of our favorite old Playhouse Disney shows, like Bear in the Blue House (DD2 loves it and everytime at the beginning says, "Ba mel me, Mommy!" Translation: "Bear smelled me mommy!"), PB and J Otter, and the House of Pooh. And you do remember that the little characters on most of the American shows are dubbed with little English accents, right? Cute! One show that baby is missing is Sesame Street. They have Play with Me Sesame, but not Elmo's World and the normal Sesame Street. Most their children's shows are 10 or 15 minutes long, not a full 20 or 30 minutes. (She says, trying to relieve more "mommy guilt"!)

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