Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Making Dinner

Well, tonight I'm officially making our first homecooked meal since we arrived. We've eaten out a lot, and when eating at home, it's generally been pizza or sandwiches. I finally found a market only a few blocks away that is more what I'm used to, instead of the Metro Tesco on the first floor here., which is really more like a quick-stop convenience store. This market ,Somerfields, has a butcher and fresh baked goods. There's also a large produce department and lots of aisles.

So, my hubby is craving a homecooked meal, and wouldn't you know it, the recipe cards and books are in the boxes that will not arrive until we're at our "permanent" residence. So, I could use my brain and go with something that I know by heart. But, lately, counting on my brain to remember details is not such a reliable idea! So, what to do? Then, I remembered my favorite website for recipes and meal planning -- menus4moms.com. (Sorry, I tried to do a link, but I can't get them work lately!) You do know about this site, don't you?

I used menus4moms a lot before we got this life-changing, schedule-altering, crazy idea to move overseas, (which would be before December). Until then, I was using this great website regularly, planning my meals, banking up frozen foods to help me prepare, and saving money with the great grocery lists they provide. Now, let me tell you that those frozen meals or frozen pre-prepared ingredients for meals came in so handy when we were going through craziness with Christmas and then the move here.

Alas, here with a freezer the size of, well, a small cooler, (no joke!) I can' t bank up many frozen things, but the recipes are going to come in handy for this recipe-less girl in a new country. Tonight I'm making the Cheddar Chicken Spaghetti from this week's Monday menu. And although I've never made it before, it looks yummy! Plus, bonus...I actually have the recipe, which is more than I can say for other recipes, including family favorites, right now! But we've been over that, haven't we?

Anyway, that's my hearty endorsement for menus4moms. And my confession that I haven't been cooking. And my commitment to start again. McDonald's is getting old!

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