Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!

"Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection not in words alone, but in every leaf in springtime." ---Martin Luther

I was really looking forward to today because the weather was supposed to be warm and the sun was supposed to be shining. We needed to get some work in the yard done.
Well, the weather turned out to be beautiful. As I type it is sunny and 60 degrees. Last week was rainy and quite chilly most days, so the sun was a welcome visitor! I really hope he decides to stick around.

We did get out into the yard and do some cleaning up. We were excited to get out and do this because we had been gone all last year and some of the trees, bushes, and beds etc. were in need of pruning, sprucing up, and weeding. We finally got all of the beds cleared out of weeds, leaves, etc. and got the trees trimmed. The most frustrating part of the day was cutting the ornamental grass and cleaning it up. My sweet neighbor came over to help out with the trimming with his chain saw! And another frustration became some beastly and persistent vinca vine that had apparently fallen out of a potted plant and into the landscape in a previous year. Who knew that sweet vinca vine that I always add to all my pots could be so pesky in the garden?! Anyway, the beds are cleared, the trees are pruned, and the little buds and perennials are now beginning to peek out from their underground winter homes.

So far, we've seen the beginnings of hostas, irises, lillies, peonies, and japanese fern. I simply love to see the little buds bursting forth from the cold, hard ground as it begins to soften. I am always reminded as I take off the old dead plant growth and see the new green ones of the beauty of new life. I always think of the spiritual life when gardening. The garden has such perfect metaphors for these things I think. We are also planning to plant some pansies and violas in pots for the front porch tomorrow.

I am hoping to plant some vegetables for the first time this year, add to my landscape with perennials and bulbs, and then to plant some sunflowers for the children. I saw in Family Fun magazine a darling sunflower "house" that I would love to attempt, but fear might hold me back, as it seems like such a big project. I recently bought a book that I've gotten from the library several times called "Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots" that I'll be using with the children as we begin to get outside more. It has all kinds of creative ideas for kids in the garden.

What are you doing in the garden this spring?


Between the Trees said...

Wasn't it a great day! We had a blast too. The kids were actually able to fly kites! I got my veggie starts and plan to do my cleaning out today. Can't wait to get home from church!

Hope you have a blessed week!

BTW, I loved your "letter" post. Aren't we so fortunate to be able to put these things before our children?!! :)

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Honestly my dear, a Sunflower House is really easy, but if you're going to have lots of kids in and out you probably should have posts at each of the four corners and maybe by the door. I wrote the book Sunflower Houses, and Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots, so I am telling you from experience with hundreds of children. You're doing a great job with your family. Blessings, Sharon Lovejoy