Friday, April 11, 2008

Thank Goodness God Made Worms Regenerative

A conversation in our driveway this afternoon:

Me to baby girl 3: "Do you still have your worm?"

Baby Girl 3: "Yeah, but I broked him."



Bonita said...

Poor little broked worm! What a sweet memory- for you, not the worm!

Deb said...

How sweet! I just love what the little ones say in all sincerity.

I have an entire case of worms you can have. Lol. Check out our photos:


ibdawnk said...

makes me think that worms are like can be divided endlessly and it just makes more love.

Annette said...

Ok, so Dawn writes a truly spiritual, thought-provoking response, and I'm thinking, "OOOOO, touch a worm? No way! Wish those wiggly worms weren't regenerative...