Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Starting With Myself

We've been suffering some bad attitudes around here of late. Lots of me-first arguments, raised voices, and harsh tones. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed by 9 (AM!). It's funny...I think I often am frustrated by my own expectations of what I think I deserve. Sinful thoughts such as these creep into my mind often: I got up and had my quiet time, so I deserve not to have a bad attitude myself. I pour and pour and pour into my children only to have them be unappreciative. I find it curious that some of the attitudes of ingratitude that I see in them are also found in me.

Today, as I sat down for a moment to pray after a difficult morning with one child in particular, I was asking God what to do. And so loudly, so clearly in my mind, I heard "Start with you." Ouch. But how true it is! How can I expect my little people to cultivate attitudes of gratitude if they hear mommy complaining? How can I expect them to go about their chores in a cheerful manner when I do not?

I have been reading some posts lately at a new (to me) blog called Metro Moms. They have encouraged me to cultivate redemptive speech. Among other things in this particular entry, I read a quote from Jerry Bridges which reminded me that “We tend to exhibit many sins most freely in the context of our own families.” Yep. So, let me start this day anew with fresh resolve to confront those sins in my own life and heart before expecting my children to have mastered them. Let me start with myself.


Annette said...

I resemble your remarks! So often, I think, "Hey, what's wrong with these people around here?" And, then I hear that quiet prompting of the Holy Spirit that says, "The person you need to be pointing at is yourself." Why is that we expect less of ourselves than we do our own family members? Maybe, it's because I think I'm always right and "deserve" to have MY attitude. How wrong I am! Very well said, my friend!

beth said...

Have you been a fly on the wall of my house lately? You spoke to my heart, friend. Thanks for the sweet reminder. It's nice to know I"m not alone in this mommy journey.

Bonita said...

How true! It's so easy to see the specks in our family's eyes and forget about our own beam. Ouch is right!