Monday, January 28, 2008

What Animal Would You Be?

Our "Family Love Talk" question was really Barbara WaWa-ish tonight. It was this: "If you could be any animal, what would you be?"

Here were the answers:

DS6: "A turtle because they live the longest of any animal." (Who knew? Man, I'm glad that kid can read!)

DD2: "A tow-toe" (because she copies everything her siblings say!)

Dad: "An eagle so I could fly."

Mom: "A whale so I could see what goes on in the ocean."

And the sweetest answer of the night...

DD5: "A sheep, 'cause God is a Shepherd."

Yeah. Let's all be sheep.


Between the Trees said...

OKAY!!! Prepare to be shocked!! When you said we shared a home state, I went back to your site to see if you said where. I noticed on my FEEDJIT that there was a visit from Bloomington. I grew up in Bton and now live in Indy!! ANDDDDDDD...I met my husband at SOCC (saw your link)!! ANDDDD...half my family still goes there!(The Holden's and the Sinns) How's THAT for a shocker! SO...assuming that's YOU, how cool is that! I also go to Bloomington all the time to work at our family business which is Smith-Holden Music downtown. Okay. Sorry for getting excited! It's just hilarious to think someone you "meet" is so far away only to find out you might not be! :)

Have a great day!

ibdawnk said...

I wanna play...I would be a spider. WHY you ask? Because their young do not stick around. After they hatch they are outta there. Ok, I am kidding of coures and would die instantly if my kids were not with me but today the little guy has peed on my fake flowers, ripped up the book that helped his big brother finally want to read, tore up our insurance card, ate half a bag of m&m's that were HIDDEN and dumped his brother's school priject all over the basement floor!!!! So today....I WANT TO BE A SPIDER.

dearclarksons said...

I miss your babies! I can't believe how big DD2 is talking! I want to be a sea horse because the male carries the babies. Then, I may consider biological children. Hehee. Glad I found your blog. xoxo (Ms. Kelly)