Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Request for a Field Trip

DD5: "Mama, are we going anywhere today?"

Mama: "No, why?"

DD5: "Why? (said with extreme whineyness) I wanted to go somewhere!"

Mama: "Well, we were out all day yesterday. We went to a movie. We went to Target. We went to the grocery. Where did you want to go?"

DD5: "The museum."

Mama: (thinking of a museum we visit quite often) We can't go to the Children's Museum today honey. It's too far to drive.

DD5: "No, not that museum. The Natural History Museum."

Okay, so let me change my position. This museum is close. And this museum is far.


Stacy said...

Funny! :)


beth said...

I LOVE that she knows that! How many 5 year olds would request to go to The Natural History Museum? She's a smart girl...and very cultured, obviously.

Annette said...

She's obviously too well-traveled for her own good!