Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fashion Sense for a Three-Year-Old

My middle dd (newly turned 5) and I are known to have some real "rows" (as they say across the pond) over clothes. Who knew when I was so happy to have given birth to a daughter a mere 5 years ago the battles that could ensue with such a young girl over what she deems appropriate to put on her body. I quite mistakenly thought that these kinds of dicussions only took place with pre-teen and teen daughters.

Anyhoo, this trend is now beginning with my youngest -- who is not quite THREE, people! Her new requirements for chosen clothing for the day --pockets. Oh, and skirts that twirl.

God help us all.


beth said...

Thank goodness we don't have those problems at our house. Boys just put on whatever you tell them too...for the most part. My oldest has recently decided Sunday is the worst day of the week because he has to wear a button up shirt, and you know, buttoning all those buttons is such work! :-) Oh please!

The 5 Adventurers said...

H has recently taken on a whole new fashion sense, uniquely hers. She has to wear a dress with pants underneath. Z gets dressed and then asks, "Is this stylish?" Oh my.

ibdawnk said...

Hey Joni...
Nice to discover you out here in cyberspace. :)
My baby (3 years old but still MY baby) is not so into dressing himself...He prefers to be UNINHIBITED. However, he does like to tell me what to wear. So, he's developing his style yet keeping his own "casual look".