Tuesday, January 15, 2008


As the ambulance and fire engine roared past, we began doing what we often do...praying for the one in need of such help. My son was praying from the back seat, "God, please heal the woman or man or child who is sick. And God, please don't just heal their body. Heal their hearts too."


Sometimes I wonder if the things I say and do in the parenting journey bounce off my children's little ears --if they even penetrate their brains and hearts. And then, God smiles down at me, encouraging me with fruit that I can see in the hearts of my children. It overwhelms a tired mommy's heart with joy and gratitude.


beth said...

Love it! I've had some sweet little moments like this lately too and I'm so glad that God gives us glimpses into the hearts of our children. They really are listening to us...even when it seems they don't hear a word we say!

Annette said...

I totally agree! So many times we think that our words are not getting through and our actions are most certainly ruining our words! Still, God is so good, isn't He? It is these moments that we realize that maybe we are being effective and our children are "getting it".

Rebeca said...

God knows when we need to see glimpses that something is actually getting through!