Sunday, March 23, 2008

Then and Now

Last year, for Easter, we were just settling into our new home in London. Hubby and I reflected today on the differences between the two. Here is a comparison.

Last Year
Were in a new (to us) semi-detached home, with little to no Easter decorations.
Were worshiping here.
Took public transport to church with lots of hung-over folks who wondered why we were so dressed up.
Had lunch at McDonald's.
Played at Hyde Park -- no egg hunt.
Couldn't find Easter baskets and kids got Easter bags instead.
Couldn't find jelly beans or many Easter goodies, but the Brits sure love their large chocolate Easter eggs and have them in any theme available. Somehow the Bart Simpson egg didn't really "speak" Easter to us. Alas, we skipped the British tradition!
Had fresh hot cross buns.
Got dressed up for church only to realize that this was NOT apparently an Easter tradition in Britain.
Hubby had a four-day weekend and we spent it visiting the Broadstairs beach and Dover Castle.

This Year
"Back Home Again in Indiana"...(Sing it with me, people. Okay, so if you're not a Hoosier, you don't even know that's a song!)
Worshipped at our home church and sat beside my mama today.
Took our van to church and wondered to myself how could it be full of so much junk, yet again.
Had our traditional Easter feast at mother's -- ham, baked beans, bread, buffet salad, asparagus, cheese potatoes and chocolate pie.
Had an egg hunt in grammy's back yard.
Dug out the Easter baskets that had gone unused from last year.
Jellybeans galore!
I miss those hot cross buns, and all those yummy British bakeries.
Got dressed up for church only to be attacked by a three-year-old weilding a pink chapstick with landed right in the middle of my new dress.
Hubby has a four-day weekend and we spent it shopping for a new vacuum and doing laundry.

Since being back, we find it interesting to play the "what were we doing last year at this time" game. Thanks for reading along!


The 5 Adventurers said...

Ah yes! My how time is flying. It seems like just yesterday we were passing through London on our way to and from Central Asia. We often think back nostalgically to the parts we miss most. Glad it was a festive Easter! Your dress was beautiful, by the way.

Ann Kroeker said...

Back home In-di-annnna...and I think...that I...can seeeee...a gleaming candlelight....

(your fellow Hoosier sings along with gusto and emotion)

Welcome home, chapstick-smear and all.

Annette said...

And, am I ever glad that you are back home in Indiana!? I can't even begin to imagine the torture you experienced at not having Cadbury Mini Eggs and all the other delicioso candy at Easter!

Prairie Chick said...

Ahhh, I know the joy of "coming home".... so happy for this time for you and yours!