Thursday, March 20, 2008

So, Maybe We'll Write a Book

I was on the phone with a friend today while my two girls played outside. I was watching from the back door and noticed that the three year old was chewing something. This is never a good feeling when you're the mommy and you know you haven't given your children anything to eat. And they are outside. Where it is really muddy and yucky. In the middle of our phone conversation, my friend heard:

Me: "What are you eating?!"

Three Year Old: "Ice."

Me: "Yuck!! No, that ice has lots of yucky stuff in it!"

No response.

Me: "Lots of yucky stuff is in that ice like maybe..bird poop!!" (Do other mothers use such exaggeration to get their children to stop doing gross things?)

No response. Child keeps chewing.

Me: Yuck! Spit it out!"

Finally, the three year old obeys and spits out the ice.

At which point my friend said, "You know, we should write a book or something. The things that we hear each other say on the phone, without really seeing what's going on, are just so silly. Imagine if some random person heard that."

It's true, when you're a mother, you could be quoted saying some really, really weird things. I wonder what the neighbors think?


Tracy said...

That's funny! I am actually surprised that there isn't a book already!
Thanks for writing--I miss you, friend. I feel like I can keep up with what's going on through your blog :-) Hopefully we'll get these kiddos together soon. Who knew that home schooling could be so busy? (I mean that in a great way. :-)
By the way, I exaggerate about bird poop all the time! Science backs us up on this one. Histoplasmosis is a nasty disease related to bird (or bat) droppings. Ok--taking off the teacher hat now...:-)

Annette said...

Why does it some like that all these kinds of conversations happen and weird kid behavior occurs when we are on the phone??? I'm sure she'll be ok...after all Nick used to regulary chew gum found on the bottom of pizza tables. He seems to be fine.

Prairie Chick said...

ha ha! Yes, I resort to this kind of exaggeration too, but only because I think there is (possible) truth there! Just the other day I asked ds (4) how do you know the dog (or cat, or *whatever*) didn't PEE on that snow you are so happily eating??!! Ick. :D

Bonita said...

Too funny, but you're so right. That would make a fun book.