Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Girly Conversation to Remember

As a teacher, I was always amazed at the conversations girls had as opposed to boys, who often played together without much conversation. Today, I witnessed just such a conversation between my own two young daughters.

DD 3: "Sowwy, Sisdah."

DD 5: "For what?"

DD 3: "For talkeen back to you."

DD5: "It's okay. I'm not the mom. She's the mom (pointing to me)."

DD3: "I won't be wude to you anymoe."


ibdawnk said...

LOVE IT!!! And now you know that they know...you don't talk back to "the mom".

The 5 Adventurers said...

Such sweet kiddos you're raising over there.

Stacy said...

i would love to hear a "no more wudeness" conversation at MY house!


Prairie Chick said...

Love it! So adorable.