Monday, February 11, 2008

Can't Stop Thinking About...

***Updated to add...Check out the new Compassion Uganda button on my sidebar to track these bloggers on this important journey. And don't forget to pray!***

Today as I was cleaning out my freezer and throwing away old, forgotten meat, etc.

Last night as I was looking at those new valentine's day placemats from Target that I just "had to have".

When I was wrapping the many things that I had gotten my baby girl for her birthday this weekend.

As I was making a list of the new books that I "needed".

I was thinking about, remembering, and being convincted by the truth of these words.

Forgive me, Jesus. Forgive me.

I have so far to go to give up my stuff-ism. I hope this post and the truth shared in it will never, ever, ever leave my mind. Or yours.

Please pray for the blogging team on the trip with Compassion International. And please pray for us rich Americans to release all that we think we need to embrace real life.


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Kathy in WA said...

Hi - I was reading Paula's blog and stopped by. I know I've said hello before.

Isn't it overwhelming all the "stuff" we allow to fill our homes and worse, our hearts.

It's been wonderful following those bloggers on their Compassion tour. It's difficult to keep the focus off "me and mine."

Thanks for sharing!

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