Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

We're trying to get back into a routine around here, since the Christmas season and the overseas move have really thrown things into a tizzy. So, here's what my big kids did for school yesterday:

DS - 5 Years Old

*Read two pages from "This is London". Did a narration of his favorite section.

*Learning Palette - rhyming words using picture cues and words.

*Counting to 100 with 100's chart.

*Recognizing and writing various two digit numbers to 100. Discussion of tens and ones and "digit".

*Bible journal - drew and wrote about Jesus healing the Blind beggar.

*Wrote and illustrated and page in his journal.

DD - 4 Years Old

*Practiced writing name on easel chalkboard.

*Worked in Bright Beginnings book with maze, colors, and categorizing.

*Did a flip book of categorizing rooms in the house and activities that go on in certain rooms.

*Worked on ABC's and one to one correspondence, letter sounds, and letter identification with ABC puzzle.

*Worked on spelling name with letters from puzzle.

*Bible journal - drew and narrated a sentence from the story of Jesus and the blind beggar.

DD - 2 Years Old

*Worked on puzzle with mommy. Worked on naming items in puzzle.

*Played with rolling turtle with mommy. Worked on taking turns, rolling turtle, and catching turtle.

*Colored with crayons and colored pencils.

*Played with animal mommy and babies learning cards.

*Number three bag. Lots of little things in the bag (three of each thing). Counted to three with each thing. Examples of what's in the bag: clothespins, spoons, pom-poms, three little pigs finger puppets, dixie cups, pennies, pipe cleaners.

So, that was our morning in a nutshell. The older two also did chores. And by the way, I only work with the youngest two as much as they want to. I never want to "push" learning on them. I want learning to be a natural and exciting process for all of my children as it is for me. I never want them to dread school.

Just a little picture of what we've been doing around here!

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