Saturday, January 13, 2007

London Surprises

If you've been reading long, you know hubby and I are in London looking for housing for a temporary move. Here's a list of surprising things about London that this small-town, Midwestern girl has noticed:

*How teeny everything is. I had heard this, but hearing and seeing are two different things! Our hotel room is small. I mean, you can walk around the bed and that's it. The tub is very narrow. Even the waste basket is teeny.

*How many people there are. They're everywhere and really seem to know where they're going, unlike us. I'm from a small town, remember?

*The interesting mixture of old and new. Seeing large office buildings next to landmarks that are hundreds of years old seems odd.

*Seeing street signs on the sides of buildings instead of freestanding posts.

*It gets dark so early. By 4 pm here, the dark starts setting in. Seriously, we were walking around town at 4 pm today, and it seemed like it was 7 pm back home. Makes one want to go to bed earlier.

*How difficult it can be to understand someone who speaks the exact same language as you, but in such a different accent.

*Apparently there are no trash cans here. There are bags and boxes on the street in designated trash areas, but they aren't in large plastic containers. It's not dirty mind you, just looks different, and perhaps a bit untidy.

*There is a difference between tea, afternoon tea, and high tea. Today at a hotel, we thought we ordered afternoon tea and were expecting some biscuts, sandwiches, etc., only to be told we had only ordered tea --which means only...tea.

So, as you can see, I'm a fish out of water. Enjoying it all. Taking it all in. But longing (after even 2 days!)for something familiar. Keep reading for more London adventures.

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