Saturday, January 6, 2007

Catching Up With You

While I promised in my last entry to post more regulary, alas, I have not. This job situation/move has been a very up and down process and this week we were in the pinnacles and depths emotionally. We have never moved before! And our first move is an international one - go figure! I am a drama queen who likes to do things big.

As it stands right now, hubby and I will be going over to look for housing in London by the middle of next week. We were thinking we would be in a "suburb" of London close to where hubby will be working. But it seems that the property locators can't find any leases for less than a year in that area, so we are now looking at central London near Hyde Park! It will definitely be a completely different experience living in the city, but I'm really looking forward to it. And, after this week, I've learned that all of this could change quickly so I'm trying not to get my heart set on any of the cute little places that they've sent us pictures of. But Hyde Park, come on! That would be very neat in so many ways.

As mentioned above, hubby and I will be leaving for a one week trip next week to look for housing. Then hubby will stay behind to work, while the kids and I ready things here for the move. So, we've been doing lots of things here like last minute doctor and dentist appointments, calling our accountant, and calling various services and utilities that we use to inquire about what to do when we're gone. LOTS of things to do before we leave!

My son and daughter are gone with Daddy right now at his first Upward basketball practice. We're not sure how many games he'll get to play, but he's excited all the same. He's really looking forward to getting his uniform this morning. Hubby was all set to coach (something he's been looking forward to since my son was 1 day old) and won't be able to do that now because of the move. But, like we keep reminding ourselves, we can do all those things next year when we're back.

We'd continue to covet any prayers you would lift up on our behalf. And hopefully (cross-fingers) I will be posting more soon. I'll definitely try to post some from London on our house-hunting adventures.

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