Friday, May 4, 2007

What's Up With the Plastic Surgery, Jon?

You might recall that I was so excited to find my beloved American Idol on in London every week. I have to watch it two days late, but that's fine. I just try to avoid any information about it on the web and I can enjoy it just as much as I did back home. So, tonight I was really excited because Bon Jovi (my favorite 80's hair band, for sure) was going to be mentoring the contestants. Back in the day, I really rocked out with Bon Jovi. I know, I know, I'm aging myself. Plus the fact that thinking of my 37-year old mom self "rocking out" is a bit hilarious. I'm just trying to give my children future fodder for major embarassment.
So, imagine my dismay when I saw my number one heartthrob of the eighties sporting some new (no, not hairdo)...plastic surgery?!? What's up, Jon Bon Jovi? I couldn't even look at him, no kidding. I was ranting and raving to my husband. It went something like this:

Me: (with a screechy, horrified voice) "Honey, he's had plastic surgery! Look! It's so ridiculously obvious!"

Hubby: "Hmmm."

Me, again to hubby (Maybe he didnt' HEAR me. My main man from the eighties was apparently old enough for some plastic surgery): "No, seriously honey. Look at his eyes. They're unnaturally puffy. Look! Last time I saw him on Oprah he looked much different, much more natural."

Hubby: "Okay."

Me: "Baby, really. I mean....honey...I can't even LOOK at him. He looks so unnatural! Can't a girl from the eighties see her heartthrob age gracefully. Come on. Look! Oh. I am so mad. Our society is so messed up. Why did Jon think he needed plastic surgery? Of all people. Honey. I'm so angry."

Hubby: "Sorry?"

Now in hubby's defense, what would you say to something so weird and psycho as that. But, I am really sad about Jon's plastic surgery. I would love to see him age. Gracefully. Not with some plastic holding his cheeks up and some nips and tucks around his eyes.

Then hubby said something that REALLY made me mad.

Hubby: "What are you so mad about? Now he just looks like he did back when we were in high school!"

Me (clearly disgusted beyond belief): "Whatever! No he does not! That's just what somebody convinced him he'd look like. Clearly, now he looks like an overaged hairband rocker in his forties who is trying to appear eighteen!"

I guess hubby just doesn't get it.

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