Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Move is Closer Than Ever

We're up to our eyeballs in stuff! I've definitely come to the conclusion that unorganized people should not move overseas! Trying to determine what is worthy of your suitcase space or packing allowance is difficult and leaves you asking the question: If we can do without it for a year, how important is it to us anyway?!

We've found a terrific family who will be living in our home starting next week, as we are leaving Sunday. We'll be living in temporary housing until we find a residence to our liking. We'll most likely be in the Kensington area of central London for our temp housing and outside of London for our "permanent" housing.

We had some great intercultural training last week to get us somewhat prepared for life in England. Of course, the initial trip over was a great experience for that as well. The training was excellent in that it focused on culture shock, life as an expat family, support for the expat spouse, among other things. We know our housing will be smaller, certain American things will be unavailable, friends and family will be very far away and that the adjustment will be difficult. But the trainer emphasized the wonderful things that our family would experience, including a closeness and increased confidence in our own family unit. Overall, it was a very valuable experience.

Of course, you may be wondering why we aren't in London yet, as we were supposed to be there by mid-January. Well, there is a lot of red tape in moving overseas, which we have definitely experienced! The most obvious of that would be our work visa. It has been a slow process, delaying our return. But now, all seems to be clicking along, so we should be able to leave on Sunday as planned.

Any prayers offered on behalf our family during this transition would be so appreciated.

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