Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thankfulness in All Circumstances

Be Still by Stephanie Marrott
Be Still

“Is a man ever made to drink the cup of affliction when no drop of mercy is
intermingled? Is he ever visited with calamity which does not in some way
contemplate his own temporal or eternal good? Could we see all, we should see
that we are never placed in circumstances in which there is not much for which we
should thank God. And when, in His dealings, a cloud seems to cover His face,
let us remember the good things without number which we have received, and
especially remember that we are in the world of redeeming love, and we shall find
enough for which to be thankful.”

--Albert Barnes

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Cyndi said...

Joni, this is wonderful. What a timely post for this time of grief for so many who are grieving along with the Chapman family... and words for us to remember in our own walk.

Oh, and the picture in your header makes me smile every time I visit! Too precious!