Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How My Son Would Rate TV Shows

In discussing the movie ratings system, my son was extolling the virtues of "Y" to his sisters telling them that it was "very, very good for kids, and it's not like 'R'!". His baby sister, simply to annoy him, said, "But I like 'R'!"(which sounds more like 'ahhhh', but I digress). The sherriff in our family (which would be the boy) promptly said, "But 'R' means that shows have very bad words in them. Words like stupid! Now, do you like those words? I don't think so!"

If only it were so.

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Tracy said...

Thanks for giving me a smile as I read your post! By the way, what's a "mommy-long-legs?" We've had a discussion here about the malicious arachnid, but I have no idea what it is?! Scones on the menu next week ;-)