Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Recent Fact File

Grossest thing that's happened in the past month (or maybe ever!): My 4 year old dd caught chewing a random piece of (used!) gum she had picked up on the London Underground (subway). She challenges my feelings of mommy-adequacy. What can I say?!?

Number of times I've attemped to get into the driver's side of the van thinking it's the passenger's side: 5

Biggest surprise upon arrival at our new home: No dryer (little did I know I'd be coveting my old one!)

Average number of trips to the grocery store per week: 5

Something purchased recently that I never had purchased before: Peg bag

Average cost of our family to eat at McDonald's in the UK: 28 US Dollars

Two fresh things I LOVE in London: The bread and the flowers

A holiday recently celebrated: St. George's Day

A common English greeting: "Y'alright?"

Number of emails in my inbox after being offline for a month: 88

Number of emails in my junkbox after being offline for a month: 536 (Note to self: unsubscribe to lists before moving again!)

Number of phone calls made to people trying to figure out NHS: 15

My childrens' favorite snack with their cuppas: Happy Hippos

Number of days until Mommy and Aunt visit: 19

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