Sunday, May 7, 2006

Starvin' in My Heart

One recent morning, DD3 told me she absolutely could wait no longer for me to get out of bed. She was as she put it, "starvin' in her mouth!" I thought it was cute at the time. But since I have been trying to listen to God throughout my day (not just in my morning quiet time), and especially through my children, I pondered it many times as I went about my day.

Finally, at about 3 that afternoon, I felt God speaking to me more about what she had said. I thought about my own starving. My starving heart. So many times, I try to fill my heart through my mouth, or through my accomplishments, or through other people's compliments to me, or through my stuff. But my starving heart can only be satisfied by my heart's Creator. He satisfies with "living water" (John 4:14) and He always "tastes good" (Ps 34:8)

Lord, please fill me. I'm starvin' in my heart.

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