Friday, March 31, 2006

God Made So Many Colors

My son recently changed his favorite color from green to yellow. I was surprised, no shocked, at this new revelation. This is a little guy who tends to "hang onto things", shall we say. He has loved green since he was 2 and now he's all of 4 (and a 1/2!). Our family has often had to choose food, tennis shoes, and towel colors because of his green obsession. I simply had to know more. The conversation during a recent coloring session went something like this:

"Mom, could you hand me the yellow. It's my new favorite color."

"I thought green was your favorite color," I dutifully reminded him.

"Well, now it's yellow. God made so many colors, Mommy. It's hard to pick!"

He did it again. About once a day one of the little people at my house says something that speaks to me of the wonder of our creative God. That day it was Mr. Yellow. His implied answer to my dutiful reminder was, "Of course God made all they colors too, Mom. Doesn't it say in the Bible that He made EVERYTHING?" Ah, yes, even the colors and their unlimited variations. I love the gratitude summed up in that sentence. Childlike gratitude...I need more of that.

It also brought to mind something God's trying to teach me right now and that is this: I tend to be in a box with my expectation of God sometimes. I'm sure He longs for me to be open to His surprises, but my routinized life squelches that sometimes. I usually just assume He'll work in this or that way, based on how I've seen Him operate in the past.

My lipstick choices are a perfect illustration of this routinization. I always buy the same color. Yes, each time I get a new tube from Target, my Mary Kay-selling friend, or (gasp!) the Lancome counter, I think it is indeed a "new" color. I am so fired up to take it home and add it to my makeup repertoire. Then, just as I put it into the makeup bag, I realize that it's just like the other 25 tubes in there. Pink, pink, pink. ALL of them are some slight variation of pink!

Maybe I need to start thinking more like Mr. Yellow. I want to experience all of God's beautiful colors in my life. Maybe not on my lips, but definitely in my life. Open my eyes, God. Get me out of my box. Surprise me.

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